Tidepool Creatures

Kodiak’s rocky shorelines make for some of the best tide pools in the world. There is so much to explore at the tip of your toes, but be careful: there is much alive beneath your toes in this intertidal area.

What’s does intertidal mean? Intertidal is that place between where the water reaches at high tide and the edge of the water at low tide. This zone is full of unique marine creatures that deserve your inspection and protection. Anemone, sea stars, chiton, limpets and more may be found here.

Safe and Careful Tidepooling

Marine algae and water on rocks as well as slippery kelp and seaweed can make walking hazardous, so move slowly when exploring tide pools.

Wear tall rubber boots; sharp rock outcroppings can produce some nasty tears in skin.

Better yet, explore the pools from the beach where you and the critters you are studying are safer.

When you turn over a rock, do it gently to avoid crushing any nearby animal. Return the rock to its original position being careful, again, not to smash the creature what lives under it.

Tide pool walks are conducted throughout the summer at Fort Abercrombie. (See schedule or call 907-486-6339). Many beaches in the archipelago are worth investigating on your own. Blue mussels and a variety of clams are also found in the intertidal zone. Paralytic shellfish poisoning has occurred on Kodiak beaches and these bivalves should not be consumed.

Kodiak Fisheries Research Center

The KFRC is committed to the preservation, enhancement and management of the North Pacific marine ecosystem and its resources. At their facility on Near Island (in downtown Kodiak), you can get a close up look at the creatures that live in Kodiak waters.

Aquarium and Touch Tank

KFRC’s Interpretive Center provides educational and interactive overviews on wildlife, marine life, commercial fishing, and fisheries research programs found throughout the Kodiak Archipelago.

Examine graphic information panels, photographs of local wildlife and marvel at our 19’ Cuvier's beaked whale skeleton which floats suspended over the main lobby area.

A 10-foot diameter, cylindrical aquarium and open touch tank comprise the lower level offering visitors a hands-on interactive experience with some of Kodiak’s most fascinating tide pool creatures.

Winter Hours:Monday - Friday 8:00 to 4:30.
Summer Hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day):Monday - Saturday 8:00 to 4:30.

FREE Admission