Road System Fishing

Kodiak’s road system offers excellent year-round fishing opportunities. Fifteen rivers and streams, trailheads for 22 lakes, secluded beaches and coves, and four boat launch ramps are available along less than 100 miles of road. Rainbow trout and Coho salmon are stocked at a number of roadside sites. You can fish on your own or hire a local guide to take you to the best spots. If you fish on your own, be sure you can identify the species and remember to always check local regulations, permitting requirements and/or closures.

Check out Saltery Cove:

Who can take me fishing on the road system?

Ranger Kiel's Kodiak Adventures

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Adventure Guides Kodiak

Join Adventure Guides Kodiak for an ultimate Alaskan ATV experience including 40 miles of rugged mountain trails, wildlife encounters, and scenic views. Book your world-class salmon fishing trip or wilderness adventure today!

Reel Extreme Alaska, Off Road Fishing Excursions

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