Each year, Discover Kodiak hosts an annual fundraiser called the Chocolate Lover's Fling & Art Auction. This is an event where we bring the community together to celebrate the artists, muscians, and culture of Kodiak, and of course....chocolate!

This event is also the key fundraising that helps Discover Kodiak, a non-profit, to reach its mission each year: to promote sustainable development of the tourism industry throughout Kodiak Island Borough, thereby increasing economic opportunities, jobs and local tax revenues.

The Chocolate Lover’s Fling and Art Auction was introduced in 2009 by former Director, Janet Buckingham, as a fundraiser for the convention and visitors bureau. More important to founders, however, was hosting a community event that brought together the community for an elegant evening of chocolate, wine and art. Discover Kodiak is a strong supporter of the arts, so a playful “Kodiak style” themed art auction was added to the evening to feature an amazing array of Kodiak artists. Each year the auction is based on a type of fish that brings out the true uniqueness of Kodiak. This ranges from halibut tails to salmon. The Fling has become a ‘not to be missed” event in Kodiak and has sold out the last 5 years! I’m so happy to continue this tradition for years to come. We’d love for you to be an important part of the evening as well.

-Aimee Williams

Executive Director

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