Films shot in Kodiak or about Kodiak

  • Disney Nature's "Bears", 2014

Disney Channel and DVD
In epic story in a breathtaking nature, Bears follows the bears of Alaska in their everyday life.

  • Alaskan Steel Men, 2013

Discovery Channel
Reality television series documenting the lives of emergency-response welders based out of Kodiak, Alaska. 

  • Dangerous Waters, 2012

National Geographic Channel
Reality television series following five adventurers jet skiing through the cold and dangerous waters of the Bering Sea to reach Russia from their destination of Seattle. 

  • Coast Guard Alaska, 2012, 2011

Weather Channel, Al Roker Entertainment
Reality television series chronicaling the lives of U.S. Coast Guard service men and women who serve as pilots, rescue swimmers and medicsi n Alaska.  Much of the dramatic filming takes place at the USCG base in Kodiak and in around Kodiak’s rugged coastline and tumultuous waters. 

  • Deadliest Catch, 2004-2012

Discovery Channel
Follows the dramatic and sometimes deadly profession of commercial fishing for Alaskan crab.  Since its inception in 2004, 10 boats home-ported in Kodiak have been featured on the program: F/V Trailblazer, F/V Saga, F/V Lucky Lady, F/V Lady Alaska, F/V Cornelia Marie, F/V Incentive, F/V Ramblin Rose, F/V Seabrooke, and the F/V Kodiak.

  • The Guardian, 2006

Andrew Davis, Director
The plot follows Senior Chief Petty Officer Ben Randall (Kevin Costner) and Airman Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher)  at the U.S. Coast Guard’s Aviation Survival Technician training.  Minimal filming took place in Kodiak, Alaska with the majhority taking place in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Filming was shifted to Shreveport after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, where the film was being shot.  60,000 lbs of ice were used to recreate some of the scenes that were supposed to have been shot in Kodiak. (Plans to shoot segments of the film in Kodiak were abandoned as a result of impending eruptions of a nearby volcano.)

  • Grizzly Man, 2005

Werner Herzog, Director
Docu-drama following Timothy Treeadwell’s life among the grizzly bears in Katmai National Park.  Some Kodiak locals were filmed for the movie.

  • “Kodiak” NBC 1974-1975

Kodiak was a short lived, half-hour adventure program (produced by Warner Bros. TV) that aired Friday evenings on ABC during the 1974-1975 television season. The show revolved around the main character of Cal "Kodiak" McKay (played by Clint Walker), an Alaska State Trooper. Kodiak, always accompanied by his Eskimo sidekick Abraham Lincoln Imhook, used his four-wheel drive truck to track down desperate killers through 50,000 miles of Alaska backcountry. The show was broadcast against NBC's hit Sanford and Son, which was the second highest rated program that season. Kodiak couldn't lure viewers in to watch and was cancelled after four airings.

Known episodes of Kodiak

  • Red Snow, White Death, aired September 13, 1974. (Guest star: Stefanie Powers)
  • Death Chase, aired September 20, 1974. (Guest star: Kay Lenz)
  • A Time To Die, aired September 27, 1974. (Guest star: Steve Forrest)
  • The Last Enemy, aired October 4, 1974. (Guest star: William Shatner)
  • National Geographic: Giant Bears of Kodiak Island (1994)

Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska is home to the amazing Kodiak bears, cousins of the grizzly, which reach an astounding 1,500 pounds. This National Geographic documentary follows the development of the tiny cubs until they become 2 year olds. Then their mothers reject them and they must follow a tough life of survival. Eventually the bears learn to feast on salmon and to call truces during mating season. Encounters with humans nearby often lead to tragic consequences, as foraging bears are fatally shot by locals. Most of the island is a bear refuge, with the remainder belonging to Native Americans since 1970. But the encroachment of some unapproved housing on bear habitat suggests that humans are still wresting with how to share the island peaceably. ~ Gayla Mills, All Movie Guide

  • Sustainable Fishing Documentary  2008

A documentary on sustainable fishing in Kodiak will be featured on 70 government access stations nationwide. The documentary was shot by EcoNews, a branch of Environmental Communications Inc. The company is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that focuses on worldwide environmental issues. Nancy Pearlman, project oversight.

While in Kodiak, Pearlman and her crew explored various aspects of the fishing industry and took a tour of a pollock processing plant. They also interviewed employees of the Marine Conservation Alliance and the Kodiak lab at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center to understand the scope of Kodiak’s fishing business.

Pearlman said it will be available to Kodiak residents on PBS and YouTube. EcoNews will also send a tape to anyone who places a request with EcoNews.  EcoNews can be reached at


  • Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, 2008

  • Kodiak Celebrities

  • Bart the Bear (1977-2000)

Bart the Bear was a Kodiak bear that appeared in many Hollywood films. Bart came from star lineage. His mom starred in Grizzly and Day of the Animals.  Bart grew to be 9’6” tall and weighed 1,500 pounds. While Bart’s heritage is that of a Kodiak brown bear, he was actually born in captivity in Baltimore, Maryland. He died in Park City, Utah.


  • Windwalker (1980)

  • Clan of the Cave Bear (1986)

  • Great Outdoors (1988)

  • The Bear (1988)

  • White Fang (1991)

  • The Giant of Thunder Mountain (1991)

  • On Deadly Ground (1994)

  • Legends of the Fall (1994)

  • Walking Thunder (1997)

  • The Edge (1997)

  • Meet the Deedles (1998)

He starred opposite the likes of John Candy, Dan Aykroyd, Annette Bening, Ethan Hawke, Steven Seagal, Gregory Peck, Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopikins.

Documentary Films

  • PBS documentary: Kodiak Wind Turbines on TV (2012)

  • BBC Earth: Mother Bear and Cubs. Big Bear Diary (2009)

  • BBC: Natural World Grizzlies of Alaska (2012)

  • National Geographic: Kodiak Bears Up Close and Personal (2011)

  • Isolated: A Story of Survival  Episode 2. By Explore Films TV (2011)

  • Alaska, the Aleutian Islands: By Thorsten Thielow (2011)

  • Kodiak Salmon Summer: Stefan Quinth and David Kaplan. (2003)

  • AMP Studies: Kodiak (2012).

  • National Geographic Channel: Whale of  a Meal (2011)

  • National Geographic Channel: Steller Sea Lions (2011)

  • National Geographic Channel: Grizzly Mom Teaching Cubs (2011)