Driving Tour

Kodiak’s road system offers visitors many opportunities for fishing, wildlife viewing, photography, trailheads, historical exploration and more.  All you need is a car and a map. This handy mile by mile log will make it even more enjoyable! Check out our maps >

Driving Tour Mileage Log

Mileage logs for the four main roads outside of town are provided below. Most of the roads are paved, and some stretches are improved gravel, suitable for ordinary vehicles.

Mileage Logs shown below:
Chiniak Highway | Pasagshak Bay Road | Anton Larson Bay RoadRezanof Drive/Monashka Bay Road

Chiniak Highway 

0.0        Log starts at the intersection known locally as “the Y,” the junction of Rezanof Dr, Mill Bay Rd, and Center St.

0.8     Pier 2, docking location for Alaska Marine Highway ferry M/V Kennicott.

2.1     Pullout for scenic overlook, spectacular view of bay, harbor, and islands.

3.5     Boy Scout Lake, stocked with rainbow trout.

3.8     Lake Louise. Barometer and Pyramid Mts on right.

4.2     Turn left to Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge administration building. Road continues to Buskin River State Recreation Site- picnicking, camping, rest rooms. Buskin River provides excellent fishing for red, pink, chum, and silver salmon; Dolly Varden; and catch and release steelhead trout.

4.7     Anton Larsen Bay Road to right before Buskin River Bridge.

4.8     Airport turnoff.

6.3     Entrance to U.S. Coast Guard Base, largest in U.S.

6.6.    Women’s Bay. USCG C-130 aircraft and helicopters frequently seen on hanger apron. CG cutters at pier across the bay.

9.0     Fairgrounds, rodeo, and stock car/motocross track on right.

9.7     Sargent Creek Bridge. Popular spot for viewing wintering emperor geese. Pink, chum, silver salmon, and Dolly Varden fishing.

9.9     Sargent Creek Road, residential area known locally as “Bell’s Flats.”

10.0   Russian River Bridge. Pink, chum, and silver salmon.

10.3   Russian Creek Road, also leads into Bell’s Flats.

10.4   Groceries, gas, liquor store, Cy’s Sporting Goods. Last services other than restaurants and lodging. Java Flats café, Russian River Roadhouse.

11.7   Salonie Creek. Pink, chum, and silver salmon.

12.1   Kodiak Island Sportsmen Association shooting range.

13.4   Pullout on left, Women’s Bay overlook.

14.0   Trailhead to Heitman Lake, rainbow trout.

14.3   Trailhead to Dragonfly Lake, rainbow trout.

14.9   Trailhead to Horse Shoe Lake, rainbow trout.

17.8   Middle Bay on left next 5 miles.

20.5   American River Bridge. Pink, chum, and silver Salmon, Dolly Varden.

20.6   Trail to Saltery Cove. Appropriate for trail bikes, ATVs, and hikers only.

24.2   Mayflower Beach. Beachcombing, picnicking, hiking. Mayflower Lake on right. Rainbow trout.

          25.7     Kalsin Bay on left next 10 miles.

28.0   Pullout on left, scenic overlook of Kalsin Bay. Olds River and Marin Mt. Range.

29.1   Trailhead to Lake Miam. Appropriate for trail bikes, ATVs, and hikers only.

29.7   Olds River Bridge. Pink, chum, and silver salmon, Dolly Varden.

30.3   Chiniak- Pasaghak T-junction. Right to Pasagshak Bay and recreation site, Narrow Cape, and Fossil Beach. Left to Chiniak. Restaurant, lodging at Olds River Inn, convenience store.

30.8   Access road to mouth of Olds River on left.

31.5   Pavement ends. State maintained gravel road begins. Carl Armstrong Campground; permit required.

33.0   Myrtle Creek Bridge. Pink salmon, Dolly Varden.

34.9   Thumbs-up Cove. Launch access for kayaks and small boats.

35.1   Chiniak Post Office. Residential area next 2 mi.

37.2   Roslyn River Bridge. Pink chum, and silver salmon, Dolly Varden.

40.0   Twin Creek Bridge. Access to beach. Pink, chum, and silver salmon.

40.3   Silver Beach and Pony Lake. Watch for spouting gray whales in spring and fall.

41.0   Chiniak Elementary School.

42.0   State road maintenance ends. Road is right of way but can be rough, use caution.

42.8   Chiniak Creek. Pink and silver salmon.

42.8   Abandoned Miller Field Airstrip, remnant of WWII era. Four-wheel drive road to left leads to WWII bunkers & gun sites.


Pasagshak Bay Road 

0.0        Log begins at T-junction with the Chiniak highway (mile 30.3 of Chiniak Highway log).

6.9     Causeway crosses Lake Rose Tead. Red and silver salmon, Dolly Varden Watch for bison next 10 miles.

8.9     Pasagshak State Recreation Site. Restrooms, picnicking, fishing, and camping.

9.2     Mouth of Pasagshak River. Red and silver salmon.

11.2   Scenic viewpoint of Ugak Island. Watch for spouting gray wales in spring and fall.

12. 5  Beach access. Hiking, camping, and picnicking.

15.2   USCG Loran Station. Kodiak Launch Complex. Road access restricted during rocket launches.

15.8   Pavement and road maintenance ends. Four-wheel drive vehicles only advisable.

16.8   Twin Lakes. Rainbow trout. Fossil Beach, Narrow Cape, road’s end.

Anton Larsen Bay Road

0.0     Turn right at mile 4.7 of the Chiniak Highway (West Rezanof Dr.).

0.6     Buskin River Bridge. Mountain range to right- “Devil’s Prongs.” Barometer Mt to the left.

          2.2     Buskin lake and fish weir. Ted salmon spawning grounds, rainbow trout- no motorized boats allowed.

 2.7        Pavement ends, maintained gravel road continues. USCG Bear Valley Golf Course. Open to public May through September (weather dependent). Pro shop, snack bar.

 5.7     Buskin Valley Winter Recreation Area. Skiing and snowmobiling (winter). Parking area. Pyramid Mountain trail and ski trails access.

 7.6     Red Cloud River Bridge. Watch for cattle, open range.

9.4     Head of Anton Larsen Bay.

10.6   Boat launch ramp and loading docks.

11.6   Turnoff at right. Hike to scenic shoreline below. Cliffs reveal Kodiak’s geological composition. The exposed white granite is described as “the backbone” that runs the length of central Kodiak Island.

11.9   Boat launch ramp.

12.0   End of Road. Nice hiking ahead. Beautiful waterfall upstream and to the left.


Rezanof Drive/Monashka Bay Road

0.0     Log starts at “the Y,” the interstation of Rezanof Dr, Mill Bay Rd, and Center St.

0.3     Bridge to near Island on right. North End Park hiking trails, boat harbor, Fishery Industrial Technology Center (“Fish Tech Center”).

0.4     Kodiak Middle/High Schools and auditorium.

1.3     Potato Patch Lake. Water fowl viewing platform.

1.7     Hospital, Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center on left.

1.7     Kodiak Baptist Mission on right. Founded in 1895 on Woody Island. Moved to Kodiak in 1937 after fire destroyed orphanage.

2.0     Intersection with Benny Benson Rd, named for Alaska Native Benny Benson, whose artwork was chosen to adorn the Alaska flag in 1927. Benson moved to Kodiak in 1950. Bike and pedestrian path begins here and continues to Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park.

3.6     Mill Bay Beach Park. Picnicking, beachcombing, fishing. King and silver salmon.

4.0     Entrance to Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park on right. Camping, hiking trails, and WWII fortifications.

4.4     Scenic viewpoint. Monashka Bay with Monashka Mt in background. 

5.6     Pillar Mountain view.

7.3     VFW Lodge & RV Park. Kodiak Island Sportsmen’s Assoc. indoor shooting range.

8.0     Pillar Creek Beach. Picnicking, sandy beach.

9.4     Scenic viewpoint.

11.4   Monashka Creek Bridge.

11.5   End of road. Picnic beach. Termination Point trail.

*Before fishing, check with Alaska Department of Fish and game for local regulations.