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Take A Hike!

Written by: Posted on: July 5, 2017 at 12:00AMPosted in: Main Topic

You have probably heard about the beautiful hiking scene around Kodiak Island. Even with 2/3 of the island belonging to the Wildlife Refuge that is only accessible by boat or plane, we mange with our 1/3. For those short on time or in the beginning phases of hiking you may like to locate Near Island Trail, which you will find 1.5 miles from the Discover Kodiak Visitor Center. This trail you will find easily accessible and entertaining for the whole family. Along the trail you can see wildlife, marine life, and alot of locals with some weather protection provided by the spruce trees. Near Island Trail is dog friendly trail when leashed. Another trail for the short on time or beginner is Abercrombie State Park where you will find many options to accompnay your natureistic desires. Abercrombie State Park does require a $5.00 parking fee so bring cash! You have the option to stay inland or walk along the cliffs where you may see a puffin or whale! Another great dog-friendly trail when leashed and picked up after. This is a trail where you can pick your length and difficulty level with many routes to take but do not worry they all lead back to the main parking lot! Always remember to tell someone of your where-abouts and when to expect you back, and to dress for the weather. 

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