100 Things To Do

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  1. Walk the docks at St. Paul Harbor and photograph boats
  2. Visit St. Herman’s Seminary 
  3. Go whale watching on a marine sightseeing tour
  4. Watch sea lions swim near the downtown spit
  5. Visit the Russian Cemetery
  6. Visit the WWII Cemetery
  7. Hike the North End Trails on Near Island
  8. Get a book, go tide pooling and identify creatures
  9. Experience local culture at the Alutiiq Museum
  10. Go salmon fishing
  11. Shop till you drop in downtown Kodiak
  12. Look for river and sea otters in the harbors
  13. Golf at Bear Valley Golf Course
  14. Go ice skating
  15. Walk the trails at Ft. Abercrombie
  16. Drive to White Sands Beach at the end of  Monashka Bay Road
  17. Watch the float planes come and go at Trident Basin  on Near Island
  18. Charter a boat for salt water fishing
  19. Learn some local history at the Baranof Museum 
  20. Explore shops on Mill Bay
  21. Get an overhead view of the channel from the Near Island Bridge
  22. Visit the ferry dock when the ferry is in
  23. Visit Holy Resurrection  Russian Orthodox Cathedral 
  24. Go biking
  25. See every species of crab at Alaska Division of Fish & Game building 
  26. Watch the crab boats come and go from St. Herman’s Harbor
  27. Visit the Coast Guard base
  28. Have a picnic on the Buskin River
  29. Go kayaking
  30. Drive to the top of Pillar Mountain 
  31. Go bear viewing
  32. Visit Jewel Beach on the Coast Guard base
  33. Step back in time at the Military History Museum at Ft. Abercrombie
  34. Pick up a bird list at the visitor center, go birding
  35. Climb Barometer Mountain
  36. Visit the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center
  37. Learn to fly fish
  38. Go on an Audubon Society hike
  39. Look for puffins
  40. Build a sand castle
  41. Catch a halibut
  42. Visit Rotary Park on Near Island
  43. Drive to Anton Larsen Bay
  44. Learn bird calls at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
  45. Go wading
  46. Walk, jog  or bike the path to Ft. Abercrombie
  47. Go sledding
  48. See a whale skeleton at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
  49. Go on an ATV excursion to Saltery Cove
  50. Check out the Stellar sea lions (an endangered species) at the end of St. Herman’s Harbor 
  51. Rent a motorized kayak
  52. Try some local smoked salmon
  53. Find the Old Russian Well
  54. Find the Tsunami High Water Marker for the 1964 earthquake and tsunami
  55. Visit the Fisherman’s Memorial at the Harbormaster’s building
  56. Visit the spot where the F/V Selief came to rest in the 1964 tsunami
  57. Learn and identify the different kinds of fishing vessels (trawler, gillnetter, purse seiner, crabber and longliner)
  58. Find a fossil at Fossil Beach in Pasagshak
  59. See the Buffalo herd on the way to Pasagshak
  60. Drive to the end of the road in Chiniak and Pasagshak
  61. Fish for Dolly Varden in one of the many lakes or streams
  62. Take a zillion photographs
  63. Visit the Maritime Museum without walls at St. Paul Harbor
  64. Look for whales at Miller Point 
  65. Look for bear tracks 
  66. Count eagles
  67. Listen to a baby bear heartbeat at the Refuge Visitor Center
  68. Check out the waves at  Surfer Beach
  69. Watch for killer whales 
  70. Eat the fresh catch of the day
  71. Visit the public library
  72. Visit a local gallery and take home a unique piece of Kodiak art
  73. Watch the surf at Mill Bay
  74. Hike to the top of Pillar Mountain
  75. Look for spawning salmon in the rivers
  76. Be Alaskan!  Buy a pair of Xtra-Tuffs!
  77. Find as many WWII sites on the road system as you can
  78. Take a river float trip
  79. Find a heart shaped rock on one of Kodiak’s beaches
  80. Buy fresh fish to grill
  81. Taste some locally brewed beer
  82. Try some pickled halibut, salmon or crab!
  83. Search for beach glass
  84. Look for your favorite Deadliest Catch boat in St. Herman’s Harbor
  85. Identify wildflowers
  86. Pick up trash on beaches to leave Kodiak better than you found it
  87. Find the Madsen bear statue
  88. Have coffee with a ranger
  89. Visit the Kodiak Launch Complex at Narrow Cape
  90. Sample local wine
  91. Take a guided sightseeing tour
  92. Buy fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market
  93. Buy local and native arts at Bear Town Market
  94. Eat where the locals do
  95. Hike around Chiniak Lake
  96. Find the WWII Victory Ship turned into a processing plant
  97. Have a picnic at Mill Bay Beach
  98. Drink locally roasted coffee
  99. Take your picture with a crab pot
  100. Glass the hillsides for bears